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Pure Maths Summer School Stuff

Health warning:  This is not official Open University material.  All  errors, misconceptions and misleading statements are my very own

Corniest jokes

iteration resenting roofs

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polite exam question conjugacy hyperbolic geometry Inversive geometry Integration Analysis

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Oops - poor Nigel

GAG - Group Actions Game

Group Actions Game GAG fixed circles

This is a game (trick) I played with (on) my students to highlight the main aspects of Group Actions. It was highly successful - I won 7 pints.

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If you're feeling particularly thirsty, and want to try it out on your  own students, click on the picky on the right to download some slides you'll need.

limits joke how I really did it


differentiation recursion


Slides and lecture notes - includes the story of how I killed my friend Nigel.




The Nigel story, lifted from the Analysis lecture - for people who feel queasy at the thought of mathematics




Slides, two pretty feeble jokes, no notes



Inversive geometry:

No jokes, but fairly light-hearted introduction



Hyperbolic geometry:

Even fewer jokes - just a load of hyperbolics really. But great Escher graphic at the end to lift spirits.




Pretty standard intro, dull, dull, dull




From first principles, dreary stuff mostly

Shirleen Stibbe's OU stuff