Lectures, notes, corny jokes etc from the OU Introduction to Pure Mathematics Summer Schools (in the good old days when we still had them).

Here is some of the material we (i.e.  David Buontempo, Jill Cassell, John Taylor and I) used in the workshops we ran for all Pure Maths OU students in the South East.

A page for my M336 students, containing all my exam solutions, various notes on topics they generally find difficult, and one or two snippets to lighten their lives.

Sadly, the course has now ended - (sob).

Some of my chums who live in and around the pond in my garden, and a few other things I like.

... and a bit of other stuff

Shirleen's OU Stuff

Dr Shirleen Stibbe

Associate Lecturer

Department of Pure Mathematics

The Open University

Notes, tutorial material, pickies gradually building up. Haven't come up with any jokes yet. But I'll keep trying ...

Some of the stuff some of my family has produced. Lobbed onto my site  to maintain maximum embarrassment for them.